18 Week Gestational Baby

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Your baby will likely measure about 5 1/2 inches long.

Your baby likely weighs about 6 ounces.

Vernix, a white cheese-like substance, begins to form on your baby’s skin.

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  1. I lost my baby Delilah at 18w2days

  2. Cecilia Alvarado says:

    I lost my baby Eddy Lopez at 18 weeks, on 01-23-2013

  3. I lost my baby Vanden at 18 weeks. 3-19-13 🙁

  4. I lost my baby boy Jayden at 18 weeks on 27/08/2008 !! RIP my beautiful boy xxx

  5. Hi, we found out today that our 18 week old baby girls heart rate stopped and I’m having to deliver the baby tomorrow. I’ve been given the option to view and hold my 3rd baby girl for the last time. Question, should I? Is it too hard?

  6. Caroline Nelson says:

    I hope you were able to hold your precious little girl. I lost my baby at 22 weeks but they told me she had stopped growing at 18 weeks. I was so scared to hold her and see her. I was scared I’d be grossed out or break her or something. But she is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. I could have looked at her forever 🙂
    I hope you’re doing as well as to be expected after a loss and I hope you held her, I bet she was lovely 🙂

  7. we lost our little girl two weeks ago today at 18 weeks 2days we never got to see her or hold her but miss hee like crazy :'( rip seraphina hope born sleeping 8/16/13

  8. My heart aches for every one of you ladies.. I’ve been there July 29th of 2011 I went for an ultrasound and found out my baby had no heartbeat. I was 18 weeks the next day I went in to be induced. I delivered her July 31st of 2011( my husbands birthday) they kept me heavily doped up but holding her for those few precious moments will be something to remember for the rest of my life. 6 months later found out I was pg again I was so scared. My baby boy is now almost 2. The pain of losing a child will never ever go away you just learn to take it day by day.. its been almost 3 yrs and I still find myself wondering who she would have been today. As her still birthday approaches soon I know I will continue to greive for my pre sous baby

  9. On November 25th 2011 I found out via ultrasound that my baby had no heartbeat. Two days later I was induced and after waiting all day I delivered my baby boy 18 weeks gestation on November 27th 2011. Our hearts had been broken it was the worst day of my life. fortunately my two year old at the time was my rock she was the reason I even got out of bed in the morning. On May 9th 2012 I found out I was expecting again. The pregnancy went well but I felt like I was on pins and needles the whole time. My due date was on November 11th 2012 Two weeks past my due date they started inducing me and after two inductions on November 26th my waters broke but she still wouldn’t come she had to wait one more day and on one year ago to the day that I lost my Son I delivered my second daughter the light of my life. To moms out there living this nightmare don’t give up hope miracles can happen the worst day of my life became the best day I think about my son everyday and still cry all the time but I know there is something bigger than me and that the universe works in mysterious ways I have living proof of this it may not make sense now but in time it will. Your story will help someone.

  10. glenda and brian says:

    we lost our baby boy at 18 weeks and 5 days. no warning, water broke at 1 pm baby Eric was her at 1:40pm. no cramping or labor pains until after he was born. I know in my heart that God has a greater plan and that Eric was needed more up in heaven. I will see him again. until then he has my daddy to keep him company.

  11. I lost my baby boy Noah at 18 weeks unexpectedly on March 3 2014. It was and still is really hard. They did an autopsy no answers. He was fine 5 days prior. My husband wants another baby but I’m so afraid. Noah was born and he was the most beautiful baby. We got his hand and footprints. We also had him cremated even though their was not much ashes he was and is a part of me and our family. I delivered him the day before my first born turned 8 so my happiest day is now my saddest but I know my baby is safe in Gods arms. Sorry to all the other moms and dads that have gone through this.

  12. Tenia Simmons says:

    I lost my baby boy Brian at 18 weeks unexpectedly on Jan 2, 2015. It is still for me right now. I lost a lot of fluids none was around the baby. He was kicking fine the day before so I still don’t understand. It’s only been a week and 4 day he past but his father want to try again my 6 weeks is not up I am afraid to get pregnant again because I had a low placenta Previa with this pregnancy and I mite have it again. I have pictures of him and his footprints. I didn’t do a service it was to much for me being he was my first. He is my Angel I know he is in heaven and God is taking great care of him now. To all the other mother’s I feel your pain I know it’s hard but do be like me and hold it in it’s only going to make it worst let it out talk about it with someone whom you trust its not going to going over night it takes time and a process but hold on have Faith and stay strong God have a purpose far better so don’t give up.

    • Tenia sorry this happened to you if you need to talk I’m here you can email me crystalball_44003@yahoo.com. I know for me seeing a councilor helped. I’m still seeing one. I still have days where I cry a lot but not all the time. You never forget and will always remember bit it does get easier.

  13. My husband and I lost our son Matthew Josiah on June 10th 2015. I delivered him on June 11th. We were 18 weeks pregnant. He was 5 inches long and weighed 1.7 oz. It was hard to believe that he was gone. That my precious son had passed away inside me and I didn’t know. It has been days and I am taking it minute by minute. We knew that there was a strong possibility that he would not make it because he had a bad heart but it didn’t take the pain away or the shock of it all away. I miss him terribly. He would always kick me especially when I poked my stomach…he would kick back. I always told him I would spank him when he was born for fighting with me. I miss him so much. It took 12 years to get pregnant. This was without fertility treatment. I was so excited. I hesitantly look forward to getting pregnant again. Right now I’m just trying to heal from this loss. My husband has been the best supporter and comforter even though he is grieving as well. God is our ultimate Comforter and He is keeping us through this time.

  14. i went into early labor christmas day an gave birth boxing day morning i waz 18 weeks no1 knows why yet as eveythin waz fine 48 before my baby boy died as i gave birth then had to hav d&c to remove the placenter an im so sceard coz people keep telling me i wont b able to get pregnant agen

    • Hey Sammy I just wanted to let you know from my own personal experience I also had a dnc after to get the placenta out. I had an amazing doctor who is a specialist and she said that having a proper dnc it actually makes your uterus perfect for implantation and that getting pregnant after is easier. my husband and I started trying again after six weeks and got pregnant right away I gave birth to my second daughter the same day I gave birth to my stillborn son exactly one year Later. I know how difficult this time is and four years later I still think of him every day. But I am grateful for every moment with my girls. Have faith and stay strong.

      • hi heather thank you i waz so worried i cudnt an now i have hope me and my husband started havin unproteced sex agen 2 weeks after i had my baby boy and people are telling i cud get pregnant now or i cud already be im so confused it wil b 4 week dis saturday wen i had him an they say it takes 4-6 weeks for my period to cum so dnt no wt to think on dis x

  15. nyomi banks says:

    Words could never explain the empty void we as mothers are left with after a loss of a preciousness baby. I am a proud mommy of 5! I have 4 beautiful daughters and one handsome lil prince. I’ve had experienced 3 miscarriages in the past but my reason for this comment blog isn’t about me….see my 3 older daughters are 19,17,16 I have 2lil ones the fourth daughter is9yrs old and my lil boy is 7 yrs old stay with me I know it’s a lot of info….my story is about one of my lovely older girls she is a proud mommy at 17 years old still in school perfect attendance even with a lil handsome 4 month old at home she misses while at school. She lives with her boyfriend and they recently confided they were expecting another baby. My first concern was how far along and when she got pregnate long story short she was 18 weeks pregnate with a lil girl that she miscarried in the hospital bathroom. My daughter has a big heart for people and since she was little she’s the one to always help me with her younger siblings when I’d come home from the hospital. She’s done everything right stopped smoking maryjuana kept in school raising her little boy that during labor with him she got news he had a problem with his feet he wears casts to help straighten his feet it’s called golfs feet excuse my lack of info but my point is she has overcome so much obstacles as a young child she and her siblings were taken to foster care due to domestic violence in our home between her father and I. She has risen from ashes only to have dust kicked up at her again but she still presses forward and is an excellent fun and silly mommy to her lil boy. I just wanna say thank u to this site that I plan on sharing with her in hope she can draw strength and hope and support from by the similar stories here I’ve seen. I know she will relate….thank u ….nana 805

  16. Traci short says:

    I just lost my baby boy on Monday 11/14/2016. I was 18 weeks and 5 days. It is so hard going through this pain. My baby boy was the cutest most handsome little boy I had ever seen. I’m steady crying daily but I pray I find peace and serenity. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories as they are helping me to know I’m not alone.


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