Natural Miscarriage

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Natural miscarriage means waiting for the miscarriage to complete on its own.  A benefit to miscarrying naturally is knowing for certain that your baby in fact has died (see concerns with D&C).  It also allows you to spend time gathering your feelings and processing the transition from experiencing hopes and joy to experiencing loss.   A common concern that your medical provider may have about you miscarrying naturally, is is the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.  The risk  of complications of a natural miscarriage is increased, the older the baby was when he or she died.  Generally, studies indicate that approximately 70% of mothers who miscarry naturally do so without unexpected complications.  Natural miscarriage is safest if the baby’s gestational age is younger than 10 weeks.  If you and your medical provider have both determined that natural miscarriage would be a safe option for you, it is important to know what to expect and how to prepare yourself.

If at any time you fill a maxi pad sooner than a half hour, experience dizziness, tingling in your hands or feet, or a racing heart (or any of these even with light bleeding), you should consult a medical professional immediately.

Please use our customized birth plan for natural miscarriage.

How far along are you?  Would you like to see the last developments of your baby?

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  1. I am (maybe) six weeks pregnant, and have been diagnosed with threatened miscarriage. I used a home pregnancy test last Friday, and it came positive. By Sunday evening, I started with a little spotting (pink). On Monday, I woke up with abdominal pain (which went on and off all day); during the day the bleeding continued (bright red), with one large discharge of a jelly like material, and some small fragments of tissue. After that large discharge, the pain reduced significantly. My OB diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage that afternoon, and told we had just to wait and see. That same evening, we did a vaginal US, and they found a very small gestational sac (too small for five weeks), located in the lower part of the uterus. On the following morning, my HcG levels were measured, and came out as 9.9mIU… I have lost all signs of pregnancy: my breasts have reduced in size, and no longer feel tender, and I no longer have a hightened sense of smell… I am still bleeding, but very little, and today it turned brownish in colour. Could I already have miscarried?
    Any comments will be welcome.

  2. Dear all,
    The doctors confirmed today I did have a total miscarriage. My thoughts go to that little one who never came to meet us.
    Best wishes to all

    • Heidi Faith says:

      Val, I am so very, very sorry. I wonder if my email went through to try to reach you? Please know that you are not alone. I hope that you can find even one helpful resource here to help you through these darkest days, and help you as you search for and find the light of hope and peace again. In particular, you can still choose a name for your baby. You can still select a special place to visit to reflect and think of your baby – maybe a special garden or a local meadow. You can still choose to purchase a special keepsake, such as a necklace, or a special garden stone, or something else. Please, be gentle on yourself during this time. Treat yourself with love and gentleness. I’m just so very sorry for your loss. Please remember, even when it feels like it – you aren’t alone.

  3. Dear Heidi, thank you very much for your kind words and healing message. I had been trying to keep composed until now, but your message helped release lots of tears, and define my idea for honoring and remembering my baby. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Val~ Thank you for sharing about your baby on here. I am 10 weeks pregnant with our 5th baby, our 4 little boys have been so excited, and at 9 weeks, a week ago today, my midwife found 2 heartbeats, and at 9 weeks, I measured at 18cm, and it has been a very different pregnancy than my previous 4. I was overwhelmed at first, but was truly getting so excited as this week continued on, and I set the date for our first ultrasound. But this past Thursday evening, spending Valentines as a family, I started cramping and bleeding, and even on progestone, my little ones have not made it. I have yet to deliver the baby, and am so discouraged by how slow a process this is taking. We listened with a doppler this morning just to make sure, as I was holding out that at least one baby would still be ok and I would hear it’s little heart steadily beating, but all that screamed in my ears was an eery silence, no comforting swishing of placenta taking care of and growing my baby, no heartbeats, just complete silence that is just ringing in my ears. I know that my little ones are in heaven, being held in the loving arms of my Savior, but my heart aches that I could not sustain them and get to meet them here. I’ve not seen my boys in 2 days now due to needing to get through this myself with my husband, but I don’t know how I will tell my boys about their little sibling. I’ve been very unemotional through this, I just want to finish miscarrying so I can more comfortably grieve and be mommy to my dear boys, whom I’m even more grateful for now! Thank you for sharing your stories to those who have shared, I’m so glad I found this website. Many blessings on each of you!

  5. I thought I was 12 weeks. I had an ultrasound that confirmed the baby died at 8. Today the contractions started. I filled a pad while at work. Contractions every 3-5minuted, just like labor. It was so intense it wrecked me for a few hours. (5-6 hours of labor) I passed several large clots that felt terrible, but this time I cried a thousand tears before the loss has begun. The pain from contractions had my head spinning, my heart racing, my hands going numb, and my husband decided to go out and buy a lightbulb. I took an alieve and passed out. This miscarriage has been the worst I have EVER endured. I have had 2 others earlier (8 weeks and 10weeks) Those had not nearly as much blood, or pain. 10 weeks broke my heart when I passed the lump of baby. 🙁 This time I think I was in so much pain, it didn’t affect me as much.


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