36 Week Gestational Baby

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Yes, I would like to see a photo and be linked to another parent’s story.

Your baby likely measures about 18 1/2 inches long.

Your baby likely weighs about 6 pounds.

The latest development is continued weight gain.  Your baby may be in the head-down position.

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  1. I worked in the nursing profession for 13 years. One of my duties early on, while on 2nd and 3rd shift was to transport Self Spontaneous Abouts – where there is some genetic malfunction of the fetus and the mothers body naturally rejects the fetus – to the morgue. As I traveled to the morgue I would hold the baby girl or boy softly and say a prayer for them, usually in the elevator down, so that they may be born again if they wished or to join others like them in Heaven Above. Often I cried. Then came the day my own wife had a self Spontaneous Abort at home in the bathroom. Crying she called me in and asked if it was what she thought and I answered Yes. She asked what could be done. Taking her hand I said a prayer aloud for our baby and flushed the toilet and cried myself. I believe it to ave been a girl. God allowed her to speak to me thru the tv speaker ne night calling a single word. Daddy. Now I;m sure she and my wife are in Heaven together as my wife passed 13 years ago. Keep Faith Alive that we will see them once more.


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