Early Pregnancy Home Birth Plan

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This includes the following birth methods:natural home delivery- artificial induction (medication) –  methotrexate (for ectopic/tubal pregnancies)

Printable Birth Plan Document:

Early Pregnancy Home Birth Plan  (click to view, edit and print)

Things to know:

  • You should not miscarry your baby at home alone.

Helpful tips:

  • Check out our listing of local professionals and volunteers willing to support you through the process
  • Consider special farewell words or music.
  • Also include a personalized farewell celebration.
  • Ask for your ultrasound photos, if any, or visit a local Crisis Pregnancy Center that performs ultrasounds, and ask if you can have one last photo of your baby.
  • If your baby still has a heartbeat, consider using your cell phone or other recordable device, and record the doppler’s sounds of your baby’s heartbeat.  You can then add this to a Build-A-Bear as a momento.
  • More momento and special ideas are listed in the birth plan.
  • If after the birth, you experience pain, fever, bleeding that fills a pad sooner than an hour, clotting, or a foul odor, please see your care provider immediately.  Please view the article on postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Our birth education section has additional information that may prove useful to you, including our Levels of Augmentation article that provides ways of naturally augmenting/speeding up the labor process.
  • Please visit our link on general postpartum health (your emotional and physical health after delivery).

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