Question Six

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I wish pregnancy information, books, websites, providers (including OBs and midwives) would better prepare pregnant mothers for the possibility of what I experienced, possibly by __________.


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  1. Just being honest! I felt like the hospital staff didn’t believe me when I said I thought I was miscarrying. I was sent home with no literature on what to expect in a natural miscarriage and no real explanation of options. I wish they didn’t skirt around the issues to try to preserve some hope for the pregnancy– I wanted to know exactly what might happen. Thank God for websites like this one!

  2. Maggie Kuttner says:

    explain what things can go wrong during the stages of pregnancy. my daughter’s brain never developed during the first trimester and although books explain what happens during each trimester, more detail would have been wonderful. i never knew what cephalic disorders were until my doctor explained that my daughter didnt have a brain and wouldnt survive outside of the womb. i was blind sided by it.


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