Fill It In

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“Fill It In” is a series of questions that you have the opportunity to answer, and to read the answers of others.

Just click on the link, and it will take you to that question, where you can reply to it.  The idea of these questions is that you can “fill in the blanks” – both to the questions, and to any areas in your journey that you’ve had these questions that haven’t previously had answers.

Not all of the answers are going to be positive and encouraging, but all of the answers are honest.  The site creator will moderate for content, and any outright offensive comment, including attacking a previous comment, will not be published.  Publishing a comment does not mean that the site creator endorses it, only that it can serve as an opportunity for multiple ideas and possibilities.  This is a place for you to see that you are not alone, that there is more than one answer to a question, and that you can find the answer that best fits you.

If you don’t see a question that you would like to see here, please leave a comment below and it may be added to the list!

Please do NOT leave your answers here.  Please click the link to reply to the question.


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