Just Give Me a Minute

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Have you ever said that?

“Just give me a minute!”

Stillbirthday is calling you, inviting you, beckoning you, to just give us a minute.

We have helped over 285,000 families since August 2011 – but that’s not good enough.

Not one family should endure pregnancy loss without the support they need, when they need it.

Stillbirthday is unique in that we offer support:

  • prior to pregnancy loss (see our Before Birth tab for birth plans, explanations, photos and more)
  • during pregnancy loss/birth in any trimester (see our During Birth tab for our global network of trained SBD doulas, as well as volunteers, photographers, doulas, chaplains, and more)
  • immediately after pregnancy loss (see our After Birth tab for SBD lactation professionals, Love Cupboards and more)
  • as well as ongoing support for survival after loss (see our After Birth tab for local, national and international listings of phone numbers, websites, books, crisis lines, groups, pregnancy loss specific devotionals, mentoring, and more)

Stillbirthday is the most comprehensive support resource for pregnancy and infant loss.

Please, just give us a minute.

285,000 families isn’t enough.  We need to help more.

Give us one minute, just one minute, and contact your local news station, your local newspaper, your local radio station.

Tell them that October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, as proclaimed by Ronald Reagan in 1988.

Tell them that a family endures a stillbirth every 20 minutes in the US alone.

In fact, become a local SBD Representative and spread the word even further!

Here are some places to share about October and about stillbirthday:

Spread the word about stillbirthday.  It will only take a minute.




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  1. Kristin Young says:

    I just shared with all the links. In total, this took just 10 minutes to notify all the different sites. Continue to share, so no one hurting has to be alone!


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