Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center

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I need your support.  I need you to tell everyone you know that I need their support.  Stillbirthday is breaking ground on something enormous, and I can’t do it alone.

I need you to be a part of this.

I want to open the very first Palliative Birth Center.  Let me share my vision with you:


Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center

and Family Centered Infant Burial Meadow

A facility that provides holistic prenatal, palliative, birth, and farewell care, including:

  • clinical pregnancy tests
  • 4D ultrasounds
  • urgent care: particularly for threatened miscarriage
  • physician and nurse consultation
  • factual information on prenatal development
  • prenatal vitamins
  • Love Cupboard support for tangible maternity and newborn items
  • optimal pregnancy health education including nutrition and fitness
  • individualized, palliative approach to difficult or fatal diagnosis
  • referrals to select perinatologists and genetic counselors who support our vision
  • birth preparation including meeting your stillborn baby
  • labor & delivery care including specialized birth requests, additional family involvement
  • immediate neonatal care: particularly for fatal diagnosis but including memory making
  • surgical support including medically assisted birth, and organ and tissue donation options
  • birth certificate in accordance with Missouri law
  • immediate postpartum care, including lactation
  • bereavement support including farewell planning
  • family centered next step planning and arrangements including natural burial on our grounds, by our SBD Chaplains
  • additional respite care beyond 24 hour postpartum
  • referrals for additional bereavement support
  • follow-up postpartum assessment(s)

Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center affirms:

  • The religious, cultural and ethnic background of mothers and fathers impacts the experience of pregnancy.
  • The religious, cultural and ethnic background of mothers and fathers impacts the experience of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • The right to plan an out-of-hospital birth including miscarriage, stillbirth, and fatal diagnosis.
  • Researchers are only just beginning to document the vast physical, social and psychospiritual health benefits of physiological birth, and that a palliative approach to pregnancy and infant loss best mirrors this.
  • The value of interdisciplinary prenatal, palliative and bereavement care.
  • The documented value of palliative care, and of hospice settings, in other end-of-life experiences, which will be mirrored in our Palliative Birth Center.
  • Political issues such as statistics of midwife attended, out of hospital stillbirth should not inhibit the right to holistic, palliative, out of hospital birth decisions.
  • The right to create family-centered farewell plans, including natural burial (at our property), in accordance with state and local laws.

How you can help:

In short, we need a whole lot of prayers, and we need a whole lot of money.  Please, consider how you can help.  Please email to get involved.  It would be an honor to have one or more primary financial founders who would be instrumental in providing the support that so many families deserve.  If you would consider becoming a large financial founder, you would be establishing a living legacy that would impact the world in a much needed, tremendously significant way.

This is just a sample birth center floor plan.  Here is the online source for this sample photo.

You can contribute to the development of our Palliative Birth Center in any amount:

You can send your thoughts, letters of encouragement, written prayers, and/or financial support to:

The M0M Center
101 W. Washington Street
Kearney MO 64060
With checks payable to:
Christian Childbirth Services LLC

The M0M Center is a refuge to give birth to healing.  It is the first piece to this Palliative Birth Center vision.
The M0M Center began in a 600 square foot facility and after the first year we relocated to a space that is more than double the size to make room for our growing ministries and services.
The M0M Center on facebook
The M0M Center website

Thank you!

Below is a list of people and organizations who have supported our vision by contributing

 toward the development of the Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center:

  • Dr. Julie Wood
  • Northland Cathedral
  • Blessing God’s Way
  • Kristin Young and family
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  1. You are a visionary indeed, Heidi. May God richly bless your endeavor.

  2. Where are you located in MO?

  3. Heidi Faith says:

    Hi Marcia, thank you so much for the work that you do through your organization. I am so sorry for your loss of Ceiliedh. Thank you for the ways in which you carry forth her legacy.

    The first Palliative Birth Center will be in Kansas City, MO.

  4. Kristin Young says:

    This is the first time I’ve been to the website since the birth and death of my rainbow, Judah. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this vision. The gentle care, the protection, and the love that could be administered.
    I wanted to leave a gift immediately in a stand of support for this vision of safety and care. I will be prayerfully considering how we as a family, and community might shoulder with you in raising the needs to turn this into a reality.

  5. A colleague of mine recommened for me to review your website. I recenly received my MSW and have worked in the hospice setting for 8 years. I am passionate of palliative and hospice care and truly uphold its mission. I was captured by your heartwarming mission. I pray that God will orchestrate this vision into a rality and giving to you all that you need. I wante dto reifly share my story with you. On Oct. 19, 1986 I was driving down the road and was tragcally hit by a drunk driver. I was only 2 weeks away from my delivery date. My unborn daughter, Kandy Renae Greer was killed instantly. The perpertrator only served 3 months in jail for bodily harm ( I brok my ankle.). Kandy Renae Greer was stillborn and was not recognized by the law as a human being. Fro 25 tyears I pursued feticide legislation and finally in 2011 a miracle took place. NC created feticide legislation and Kandy Renae Greer name was not only spoke that day in our state’s captol building but it is now written in the law.
    I am a strong advocate for what you are about to embark on and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sincerely yours,

    Brenda Greer,

    • Heidi Faith says:

      Oh my goodness Brenda I am still trying to catch my breath…. thank you, for your courage in sharing Kandy Remae here. I am so very sorry for your loss, and for everything you’ve endured. I am so humbled and thankful for your visiting stillbirthday and for your lovely words of encouragement. It is healing to my own soul…
      I am thankful for Kandy Renae, for changing the world, and for you, her mother, for braving to see that she does. Every mother at stillbirthday braves to let their children bring healing to others, and I’m enormously thankful for your being here too.

      With love,
      Heidi Faith

  6. This will be amazing!!

  7. Heidi, this is a wonderful vision. I hope to see it realized and fully support it however I am able.

  8. Crystal Niehoff says:

    Oh Heidi, I am absolutely awe struck! What a beautiful vision!!! Kevin and I are praying about how we can contribute to help you see this to completion. We will be prayer support for sure. What amazing things the Lord is doing through you to touch so many lives.


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