Fertile Diversity

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Here is a place to share your ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences regarding diversity in birth and bereavement.

You can share anything:

  • old wives tales
  • ancient practices
  • things you’ve heard of
  • cultural practices
  • religious beliefs

On any of these subjects:

  • fertility (things that are said to help or hinder)
  • pregnancy (things to do or things to avoid during)
  • birth (things to do or not do during childbirth)
  • early parenting, and this can include most anything.
  • bereavement, mourning
  • death and afterlife

Here are some examples regarding early parenting:

  • beliefs about breastmilk
  • family customs, the role of each member of the family
  • practices immediately postpartum
  • beliefs about various infant or maternal diagnoses or medical care

Here are some examples regarding bereavement:

  • beliefs about proper mourning
  • customs or expectations around bereavement

Share Your Thoughts

You are invited to share comments, links or other resources that can help create a positive dialogue and more open communication regarding better understanding diversity in all subjects surrounding birth and bereavement.  Sharing a comment does not make that opinion exclusive fact (there may be many beliefs in one culture, for example).  As with everything at stillbirthday, these comments are moderated and anything remotely derogatory toward any belief will not be published.

See What We Have

Check out the great resources we already have listed at our Long Term Healing resources; we want this list to keep growing – specifically as they apply to diverse beliefs, practices and traditions on these subjects.

Get Even More Involved

Share Your Story

Please, consider sharing your special story here at stillbirthday.  It will also be held in our section of diversity stories.

If you feel particularly well versed in any belief system, you might want to expand on your comment here,and contribute an article as a member of the SBD News Team!

Stillbirthday provides birth and bereavement support globally, and students in our training come from all over the world!  If you’d like to become a member of our internationally respected birth and bereavement doula training program, with an emphasis in diversity, check out our SIS discount and join our Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Diversity team!


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