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The SBD News Team is a group of volunteers who blend investigative journalism with real bereavement support to bring you the most current research and the best of the most tried and true studies, practices and resources in grief and healing.

These are just a few of the subjects that our SBD News Team reach:

  • Uncovering rituals, events, practices and beliefs around the world that help or hinder bereavement support
  • identifying how our ancestors are connected to our children/anthropological bereavement
  • how our past shapes our current response to grief
  • how our spouses, loved ones, faith, social connections and commitments and lack thereof impact our bereavement
  • social constructs and their impact on individuals, children and families
  • current events, holidays, and politics that may impact bereavement
  • how our pains, struggles, losses and how our hopes and goals are all woven together to shape who we are and how we journey our bereavement

The SBD News Team presents their findings through:

  • research, study, and reporting through article presentation/publication
  • video demonstrations
  • collecting, collaborating, interviewing, assessing and concluding

The SBD News Team publishes their works in the exclusive News Team category (and sponsored category) from the main page.


(2018 Updates)  Related: our social media team leader also organizes our seasonal e-newsletter.


Join the SBD News Team

SBD News Team contributing member bios are published on the Outreach page, where you can also submit your contributions.  For your volunteerism, stillbirthday has a significantly reduced pricing structure for those who commit to posting regularly.  As an SBD News Reporter, you agree to posting 4 significant articles annually.  A new publication every third month is suggested.  Content guidelines match those on the Outreach page.  For the commitment of preparing News Team articles for publication, and for the publicity your title can garner, the publication rate for the News Team is $20 for your annual role.

Why do we charge a writing team membership?  Because stillbirthday is a doula certifying organization, and as a doula certifying organization, we make our doula program as absolutely affordable as possible, with no hidden, recurring or other unnecessary fees.  Our doulas are out there on the front lines, serving in hard places, every day, if not for free, for “love offerings” or significantly reduced fees that hardly cover the investment of their own supplies, schedule or commitment to families.  Stillbirthday visitors are here to find the spirit of selflessness.  Getting published, though, is a different role altogether, with the accolades and publicity that come with writing.  A nominal writing membership fee helps reconcile the difference of these roles.


Step One: Please submit payment for your annual membership
Step Two: Please join the writers group
Step Three: Please use the form at the Ad & Outreach page to submit your first article



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