Home Still Birth Awareness Day

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What birthing options do you have, when your baby dies before birth?  Is giving birth at home an option?

How could you receive support to the many questions and concerns that come with having a planned home birth loss?  How would a home birth impact your farewell/funeral plans?

If you plan a live home birth and then endure the death of your infant at home, unexpectedly, how does that impact your grief journey?
Could there be feelings of blame from your family for choosing an out-of-hospital birth?  What if your midwife was not prepared to support you after the death of your baby?  What if negligence, betrayal or abandonment become interwoven in your experience?  How do you heal after such enormous rejection?  How are these factors magnified by the very relationship established in a client/midwife relationship?  Can midwives support families well even in an unexpected loss?  Beyond fears, how can you receive the support you deserve?
We’re going to be talking about all of these things, and more, through our newly established, December 19 – International Home Still Birth Awareness Day.   Stay near to stillbirthday.com to get this important information and awareness support.
dignitee_homebirth_loss_awareness_tote_bagWe have our own logo for Home Still Birth {Home Birth & Bereavement} awareness: a purple birthing ball, resembling the stillbirthday purple zero.  Atop the ball is a pink and blue rebozo, looped to resemble the pregnancy and infant loss awareness ribbon.  You can visit our shop page to see items available for purchase that hold this Home Still Birth Awareness logo.
{photo source below: Born by Calla Evans Photography, photo- and videographer for our first birth professionals workshop in Canada!}
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  1. I’m so glad to see a special day for pregnancy loss and home birth! This was my situation, and it can be hard. I feel a little awkward peddling my own book on this site, but some of you may be interested in it. It’s called Ghostbelly, and you can find out more about it by going to the Ghostbelly FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Ghostbelly) or clicking to the publisher’s website: http://www.feministpress.org/books/elizabeth-heineman/ghostbelly. Peace and love to all of you who have suffered loss, whatever the circumstances.


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