Birth Methods

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You and your medical provider will need to decide which options may be best for your situation.  These are some of the terms you may have heard.  Please just click on the one that your medical provider used to describe your situation, and it will lead you to a page that offers more explanation as well as personal options – birth plans –  you have within that particular birth method.

Please, also visit our main birth planning page and our birth education page.

“Birth plans are the options you have within the birth method.”


Earlier in Pregnancy

1. Methotrexate (ectopic/tubal pregnancies)

2.Laparoscopic surgery/partial tubal removal (ectopic/tubal pregnancies)

3. Natural/Vaginal Miscarriage

4. Artificial Induction (medication)

5. D&C

6. D&E

Further in Pregnancy 

1. Hospital Birth Information (for natural, induction, and Cesarean births)

2. Home Birth Information

Click here for birth plans for every trimester.

Click here for postpartum support.



Birth plans are the options you have within the birth method medically necessary for the birth of your baby.”









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