Your Pathway to SBD Certification

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SBD Doula Enrollment: Choose Your Level of Support

OK!  Let’s get you registered for our doula certification!

First, let’s talk about choosing the level of support you want in your learning journey.  Stillbirthday has a number of options for you!

There are never any recurring or hidden fees with stillbirthday.


Here is an optional add-on for additional support.  First we’ll explain the different options, and then you can choose what works best for you.


FREE!  Study Hall: Alumni Mentorship

  • While this is a self-paced program, we offer a social group called Study Hall that is complimentary with enrollment.  In your Study Hall, we offer opportunity for you to interact with alumni, as they post encouraging messages to the group.  You can then seek guidance or further communication with them.  Every six months we open a fresh Study Hall so that communications are always the most relevant and with the most current learners of the program.


$40 Faculty Aide

  • A Faculty Aide is a member of the SBD Alumni who has tenured service to students.  You not only get to choose if you want a Faculty Aide member to support you, you get to select the Faculty Aide you want working with you.  Your Faculty Aide will agree to post/message/email you, 1 time per week for 8 consecutive weeks.  This is amazing because you feel connected and cared for.  All you need to do to hire your Faculty Aide is secure payment with them.  When you do, they will also give you a discount code that you can use for a reduced tuition when you return here to complete your enrollment!  If you complete this student enrollment first, then hire a Faculty Aide within 14 days of completed enrollment, we will honor a reimbursement of $40.


$70 Dedicated Student Coaching

  • To ensure the most affordable tuition for every student, while navigating the varying levels of needs each student has, we continue to create learner-led resources.  Every student who demonstrates a struggle with the concepts of the materials will receive confidential guidance directly from the founder, because this program is absolutely geared toward your success.  But maybe you already know that you’re the kind of learner who thrives on words of affirmation and you know that you will want individualized conversation with the founder on each exam you turn in.  To ensure the best preparation for our doula journey, stillbirthday founder Heidi Faith herself is the only recipient of your exams, and personally oversees every exam.  If you want a personalized response to all of your work, Dedicated Student Coaching is the option for you.  This level of involvement pertains to your actual work, while Faculty Aide support is motivation to continue completing your work; students can select one or both options.  This level of involvement is limited to those who desire it, to ensure the best stewardship of resources and greatest availability for those who need it.



Just click or tap the box to choose your level of support:

  • [___]  I like to keep myself accountable for my own progress and don’t need additional help in this area (you’re ready to complete tuition).
  • [___]  I’d like to view the Faculty Aide team and hire a Faculty Aide and/or Dedicated Student Coaching.




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