Your Pathway to SBD Certification

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SBD Enrollment: Steps to Completion

The SBD Doula® program is waiting for you!


Through our step-by-step process, you can:


If you’ve already done all of the above, you are ready to get started!  The program is only a couple of clicks away!


Completing this payment process:

  • means that you are enrolled
  • is a purchase of tuition
  • gives you an Instant Download of preparatory information we call our “Orientation Manual”
  • if you are registering from a device that does not allow you an instant download or for some reason it doesn’t work, we also hold this file in our Admissions group

After you’ve completed your payment:

  • please join us in SBDU Admissions
  • in Admissions, you’ll find information to accessing an entire student database
  • in Admissions, you’ll find the Orientation Manual even if it didn’t download to your device at enrollment
  • in Admissions, you’ll have access to the current Study Hall, a free resource for students to gain
  • in Admissions, you’ll be invited again to sign our Welcome Letter

If you prefer not to use Admissions:

  • just send an email to Heidi Faith at



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