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These professionals and volunteers are willing to support you right nowthrough this very difficult journey of giving birth to your baby.  This list includes birth & bereavement photographers as well as professionally trained SBD Birth & Bereavement Doulas.  The doulas listed at stillbirthday are also available to support you by attending your 6 week postpartum visit with you, so that you don’t have to face that alone.  For a state-to-state listing of support services for any time after birth, please visit the long term support section, and if you’d like to see our birth support, NICU support and bereavement support listings by location all condensed into one search, you can.

SBD Doulas can support in all birth outcomes,
including subsequent/rainbow/live births .
Find out all about what your SBD Doula can do to serve you.


Listing of Immediate/Birth Support by Location

Search by Country Outside of USA

United States of America:



United Kingdom SBD Doulas & other resources

Ireland SBD Doulas & other resources

Poland SBD Doulas & other resources

Canada SBD Doulas & other resources

Switzerland SBD Doulas & other resources

South Africa SBD Doulas & other resources

Germany SBD Doulas & other resources

Australia SBD Doulas & other resources

Hungary SBD Doulas & other resources


Beyond Birth Support:

NICU Support, & Bereavement Support

NICU and Long Term Bereavement Support Resources


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