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Skye Deming, SBD (Trumbull and Mahoning counties)

Michelle Miller, SBD

Stephanie Zachrich, SBD

Megan Crase, SBD

Deleen Long, SBD

Anne Risner, SBD

Melody Lyons, SBD

Ruth Sutter, SBD

Shahnyn Moody, SBD

Gina Turlington, SBD

Tienne Wilkin, SBD

Mary Susan Delagrange, SBD

Patsy Leo, SBD (Cleveland area)

Jill Winstel, SBD

Victoria Stapleton, SBD

Heather Dumas, SBD

Hannah Scott, SBD

Ashley Sova, SBD

Brittany Irvine, SBD (Preble)

Kerren Richey, SBD (Columbus)

Katherine Rich, SBD (Cincinnati & Dayton)

Eileen Slotterbeck, SBD (Licking County)

Rachel Swick, SBD (Licking County)

Niki Sidle, SBD (Northwest Ohio)

Autumn Guthrie, SBD (Athens Ohio)

Bethany Lynn Stewart, SBD (Canton / Akron)

Kristin Anderson, SBD (Cleveland)

Emily Frigo, SBD (Cincinnati & Dayton)

Stacie Tackett, SBD

Desiree Johnson, SBD

Bethany Conkel, SBD

Elke Skelton, SBD (Medina)

Kailyn Browning, SBD

Diana Drew, SBD (Cincinnati)

Kirsten O’Leary, SBD (Painseville)

Jaimie Schrock, SBD (Orrville)

Laura Sonney, SBD (Trumbull & Mahoning counties)

Tiffany Jensen, SBD (Cincinnati)

Joelle Johnson, SBD (Cleveland)

Ashley Short, SBD (Archbold)

Kendra Anderson, SBD (Ross and Highland counties)

Amy Myers, SBD (Massillon)

Kimberly Treadway, SBD (Cincinnati)

Kasey Doehrmann, SBD (northwestern)

Ashleigh Mussulin, SBD (Canton)

Chelsea Gibson, SBD (Dayton)

Kristi Hlad, SBD (Aurora)

April Kerwood, SBD (Columbus)

Jessica Jackson Love, SBD (central state)

Heather Hughes, SBD (New Vienna)

Leanne Bechter, SBD

Star Volanski, SBD (Rock Creek)

Kara Figueroa, SBD (Akron)


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