Healthy Bereavement

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Many aspects go into the most healthy bereavement journey.  Here we explore some of them.


Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

We here at stillbirthday believe that the most healthy bereavement journey requires proportions of both permission and discipline, that finding the appropriate proportions of these two qualities is an essential journey, and that the proportions of these two qualities needed for each individual is as unique and special as the bereaved individual who requires them for his or her most optimally healthy bereavement journey.


Physical Care

Growing amounts of evidence indicate that bereaved individuals may be more at-risk of seemingly unrelated secondary incidents of injury and illness.  Taking proper care of your body as you grieve is important but can be emotionally challenging, especially as you may be challenged by feelings of culpability, actual or assumed.  Nutrition, exercise and rest all are important to the bereaved individual.


Womb Wrapping




Food Tips:

Calming Snacks:

  • asparagus
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • brazil nuts
  • cacao
  • chamomile
  • flaxseed
  • raspberries
  • spinach
  • sweet potatoes
  • walnuts




  • decreasing artificial stimulants intake (caffeine, artificial sugars)
  • guided meditation
  • prayer
  • mantra/manna
  • exercise can benefit your need to rest



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