Your Emotional/Spiritual Health

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The following topics will lead you through different posts and other articles that offer support or encouragement in that particular area (long term support resources such as counseling services, can be found at the “long term support” tab):


Crisis Hotlines (If you are having suicidal or harming thoughts, please, receive love immediately.  You are worthy of love.)

Medical Explanations for different kinds of losses, compassionately explained

Facts/Stats on Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss


NICU Grief (diagnosis, prognosis, NICU challenges, special needs, resources, support and more)

Through the process of birth



Long Term, Location Specific Support (local groups, national organizations, international support as well as support not location based such as books and global websites)

Children and Loss (including what to say to older children)

Fathers and Loss

Long term healing/perspectives is an enormous section.  It includes timetables for grief, emotional perspectives, holidays, creative expression, and cultural and spiritual influences in grief.

In Person Support

Bereavement Diversity: religion, culture, and family lifestyle diversity resources

Bible Studies and Devotionals

Whisper Nest (When you just want to say something, but not sure who to say it to.  This is totally anonymous, and can be used for prayer requests of all faiths as well.)