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Updates coming in 2018!  Stay Tuned!

About SBD News & Newsletter

SBD News is divided in three sections:

  • SBD News and SBD Giveaways – these are opportunities for stillbirthday families
  • Outside Insight – these are articles driven for outside audiences and loved ones to better understand birth and bereavement.
  • SBD Newsletter – this gives information to any interested stillbirthday visitor


Be a part of the SBD newsletter!

Get involved with the SBD Newsletter:

  • become an official member of our SBD News Team: investigating, researching, interviewing, collaborating and writing about bereavement and healing related subjects throughout the year
  • contribute a one-time written article: ideas include poems, news/advice, or just an expression of feelings (get published!)
  • ask a question or share an experience for our Fit to Heal column
  • partner with stillbirthday by advertising your organization in the SBD newsletter
  • partner with stillbirthday by providing an exclusive giveaway item for the SBD newsletter (see advertising)
  • share a news tip
  • ask that your story be featured in the newsletter


Newsletter Archives

  • A link to your story is included in the newsletter, directing to a full stillbirthday article that is password protected with SBD and the year.  For example: sbd2013.  At the end of the publication period (when the next issue is published) the article is unlocked.



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