NICU & Special Needs by State

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Before you begin with the state links below:

You can click here to return to our general page of NICU resources and support, including resources for you such as NICU photography and clothing, as well as informational resources for you such as carrying to term books, building a NICU related birth plan, NICU grief support and more.

These links labeled below as NICU are not exclusively for the NICU parent, but are for parents of special needs infants and children and link to long-term support resources.  For some parents, learning as much as possible as soon as possible is what is most comforting.  This is why these resources are connected with our NICU support, although you may return many times to these resources.

The listings below are generally for programs and resources that are available on a statewide level.  We encourage you to consider looking into your own local organizations as well as national and international networks of resources.


NICU & Special Needs support By State:

NICU Alabama

NICU Alaska

NICU American Somoa

NICU Arizona

NICU Arkansas

NICU California

NICU Colorado

NICU Connecticut

NICU District of Columbia

NICU Delaware

NICU Florida

NICU Georgia



NICU Hawaii

NICU Idaho

  • Bereavement Support Idaho

NICU Illinois

NICU Indiana


  • Bereavement Support Iowa

NICU Kansas

NICU Kentucky

NICU Louisiana

NICU Maine

  • Bereavement Support Maine

NICU Maryland

NICU Massachusetts

NICU Michigan

NICU Minnesota

NICU Mississippi

NICU Missouri

NICU Montana

NICU Nebraska

NICU Nevada

NICU New Hampshire

NICU New Jersey

NICU New Mexico

NICU New York

NICU North Carolina

NICU North Dakota

NICU Northern Mariana Islands



  • Bereavement Support Ohio

NICU Oklahoma

NICU Oregon

NICU Pennsylvania

NICU Puerto Rico


NICU Rhode Island

NICU South Carolina

NICU South Dakota

NICU Tennessee

NICU Texas

  • Bereavement Support Texas


  • Bereavement Support Utah

NICU Vermont

NICU Virgin Islands


NICU Virginia

NICU Washington

NICU West Virginia

NICU Wisconsin

NICU Wyoming


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