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The SBD business cards can be held at ultrasound facilities, OB offices, birth centers, crisis pregnancy centers, or can be given along with a card or gift to newly bereaved mothers.  The special thing about our business cards is that they are personal.  They open, as in a tiny little book.  The inside has a message of encouragement, and the back includes the stillbirthday website.



Business Cards (25)

Doula Handbook

Sponsor 6 months

Sponsor 12 months



If you’d like to shop for special keepsakes while supporting stillbirthday, please visit the SBD support shop.

If you are a workshop sponsor, please contact Heidi Faith by using our sponsoring contact form.

If you are a registering SBD student, please be advised of our no refund policy.

If you would like to partner with stillbirthday’s vision, you can use your paypal account to give a financial gift of any amount to stillbirthday.  Our paypal email account is, and stillbirthday is a part of Christian Childbirth Services LLC.


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