“Pregnancy Loss” Doula Handbook

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If you have not taken our Birth & Bereavement Doula training but want an introduction to understanding the importance in providing such support, this handbook will be valuable to you.


It is highly recommended as a birth support of any level (and particularly doulas with little or no pregnancy & infant loss experience), to purchase the Pregnancy Loss Doula Handbook.  The Pregnancy Loss Doula Handbook provides doulas with essential recommendations and information on how to best support families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.  The Handbook covers:

  • types of support and personal safety.
  • support prior to the birth.
  • support during the birth in an early, at-home miscarriage.
  • support during the birth in a medically assisted miscarriage.
  • support during the birth in a planned at-home stillbirth.
  • support during the birth in a hospital stillbirth.
  • support following the loss.
  • compassion fatigue and peer support information.
  • financial information.


We now offer the Handbook in two formats.  The original was first created in 2011 and is in a PDF format.  The new actual book version has a better name and even more content!  If you’d like the printed copy mailed to you, it contains all  of the above information, plus these bonus subjects:

  • history of doula
  • the most frequently visited pages from stillbirthday: types of loss, birth methods, birth plans, farewell celebrations
  • self care
  • foundation for the SBD workshops

We don’t offer tracking on international orders to keep cost to a realistic minimum.

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You do not need to order the handbook if you are taking Stillbirthday’s Birth & Bereavement Doula training.  Stillbirthday provides the most comprehensive birth & bereavement training, applicable for birth attendants of all levels.  It is affordable, available entirely online, and comes with valuable benefits.  Join the SBD global  birth & bereavement team!

The Pregnancy Loss Doula Handbook is available in an easy-to-download format, for only $15.  All proceeds go to Christian Childbirth Services LLC to support stillbirthday.com.  Click the yellow button to see the stillbirthday shop and place your order.  Download is not automatic – it is sent to you as soon as I receive your payment (within 24 hours).

And don’t forget to list your services to be added to stillbirthday!

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The Pregnancy Loss Doula Handbook was created at the original publication of stillbirthday on August 1, 2011.  Because the founder of stillbirthday had been a birth doula for nearly 10 years, the lens through which the handbook was originally created was to provide exposure and awareness of pregnancy loss to those birth doulas and birth midwives who weren’t interested in committing to the full online credentialing program.

Since this first publication, stillbirthday has continued to provide this opportunity, however we have continued to provide training to individuals with little or no previous professional birth support experience or training, and so this has allowed us to fully open the name in the updated version of the handbook to reflect the beautifully inclusive collective of persons who simply have a heart to learn more about supporting families in the spaces where birth & bereavement meet.

Whether you call it a pregnancy loss, or an infant loss, or both, we at stillbirthday can meet you where you are in terminology but desire to offer to you this truth:

a pregnancy loss is still a birthday

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