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Welcome to the SBD Birth & Bereavement training, and congratulations on entering into the most comprehensive training on these subjects!

Before We Begin

There is a brief narrative portion to complete at the end of this Welcome Letter.


Trust, curiosity, confidence, and inspiration broaden the mind and help us build psychological, social, and physical resources. We become more open-minded, resilient, motivated, and persistent when we feel safe. Humor increases, as does solution-finding and divergent thinking.” (-HBR)  These are all components we desire to nurture here at stillbirthday.  


Before you receive your invitation into your Study Hall and the Student Database, I’d like to make sure we’ve covered a few things:

This entire page, web link and everything in it is for the registered stillbirthday student.  By participating in our doula program, you are agreeing to comply to the contents of this public notice.

Once your tuition is complete, you should receive your Orientation file (either as the instant download, or held in Admissions).  That file will lead you here.

This course is a big journey and you are not alone.

Please feel invited to join our SBD U Admissions group on facebook once your tuition is complete. This is also the best way to navigate the differences in paypal name, email name, and online name.  The facebook Admissions group and Study Hall group aren’t required, but are free gifts to you and are extremely beneficial for you.  Just be sure to connect with Heidi Faith if you’re wanting to opt out of those resources.

Contents of this Welcome Letter:

  • Announcing Your Enrollment
  • Receiving Your Materials
  • As an SBD Student
  • From Now Until Class Begins
  • Narrative & Signature (acknowledgement)
    Your electronic acknowledgement of understanding of either this Welcome Letter or the Principles of Service is required before the start of session and is reiterated at graduation.  They are considered sister documents.


Announcing Your Enrollment


Do your loved ones want to know about what you’re learning?  You can use our Student Feedback to leave comments for your loved ones to watch your journey.

Because your announcement of your enrollment may inspire someone you know to register for the training, it can be so rewarding to know that even though this is a self-paced course, you absolutely can enjoy the social enrichment of your Study Hall together.


Receiving Your Materials

Orientation Manual

Did you get your “Orientation Manual” as an automatic downloaded at the time of your registration?  If not, no problem.  If technology got wonky (which, it can) simply find me on facebook or by email and let me know this needs to get to you.  It is also a file in the SBD U Admissions room.

You can begin the training itself the day you enroll.  Within Admissions, you’ll receive the encryption access into Study Hall and into the Student Website.  If you choose not to use facebook, just email Heidi Faith to get these items.


Facebook Groups: Admissions & Study Hall

     Admissions – when to join it, when to leave it

SBD U Admissions, is like a welcome hall, where you can receive your preparatory Orientation packet if it didn’t download for you, as well as receive your encyption accesses.  While this program is at your own pace, many students like to dialogue with one another.  Therefore, we utilize the “groups” feature on facebook to create a virtual, social classroom, so that you can get to know fellow students from all over the world.  We have other methods of social enrichment available to students as well, including pre-scripted core weekly questions and a forum right at the student website, as well as providing you an opportunity to utilize our designated fb group to post general questions, thoughts, or share with your classmates in a more extemporaneous and organic way.  These things and more are outlined in your materials.

If you just enrolled and received your Orientation download, you should be directed in several places to your first step, by meeting us in Admissions.  Once you have been in Admissions and have received your encryption accesses, you can manually remove yourself from that group because you will no longer need it.

     Study Hall

Study Hall is a facebook group designated only for the most recent doula enrollees.  This is a new feature opening June 2018.  All current enrollees will have access to Study Hall starting in June.


As an SBD Student


One student summed up this portion with five words, and I think his message is worth sharing: ‘just don’t be a jerk.’


You might have a lot of questions getting started – making sure you understand the logistics of things, as well as some really important emotionally-based questions.  Are you emotionally ready for this course?  What happens if you fail the class?  Please, refer now, and whenever you need to, back to our frequently asked questions about the training.

Our program is not precision-driven.  We pose many “free thinking” or intuitive-based questions so that over time, I can gain an idea of your overall perspective in serving families.  Accuracy is important as an SBD doula, but equally important, and in some situations much more important, is the willingness to take the journey of not knowing, of being present in a place that doesn’t always make sense, and even when it’s not the most comfortable.  There will be no trick questions and the program is designed to allow you to explore the subjects authentically.

Integrity of Character & Confidentiality

The classroom environment is a trust building place to learn.  You are invited to share personal and professional experiences with birth and bereavement.   Our Student Sharing page can be a help in navigating this.  If you need further clarification on our Code of Conduct for the student, you can please visit our more expanded page addressing this at SBD Student Support.  If it is determined that you have broken our standard of trust, your place in the training and in stillbirthday will be revoked without refund.

Voluntary Forfeiture of Program Privileges

Unhealthy decisions such as public disparagement of the program, breeches of confidentiality, or other socially dysfunctional actions are considered a forfeiture of all academic privileges, communications, placement in the program and possibility of credential.

Confidentiality of Proprietary Information

Students are not allowed to transfer, store or copy any materials associated with the training, except those explicitly marked for approval.  You may not provide the password access even to another student – there may be reasons they no longer have access.

80% or Higher on Exams

You will see this in the training.  You are never disqualified for effort.  Your exam responses and your overall behavior is assessed, and in fact, we believe that a truly compassionate spirit is quantifiable.  The idea of exam grading is purely to give room to ensure that you are displaying a demonstrated understanding and agreement with the stillbirthday spirit of service.

We’re in this together, and it is an honor to be on this journey with you.

Modules & Chapters

There are 8 module pages, each corresponding to the Student Checklist listing of weekly subjects.  A module page looks much like this very page you are reading.  Within the module page, there are several links available for you.  One of those links is your actual training chapter contents.  Each chapter is approximately 50-75 pages of reading material, which contain helpful videos as well as photography to enhance the learning experience.  When you complete a chapter, you’ll return back to your corresponding module page, where you can then enjoy the additional links as supplemental / reinforcing material, or, turn in your exam.  Please be aware that the chapters will likely explore concepts in a designated, chronological pattern that may not fit within your timeline of wanting questions answered, and that once the class as a unit has explored a chapter together, the ways in which any of us may approach the related topics may soften, deepen, and mature.  Therefore, this course takes patience.  Student Feedback and the Student Checklist as well as our introductory Welcome Materials download (which you should have now), offer you a timeline of the course contents.

Within each module page, the chapter file (50-75 pages of that week’s subjects) will be accessible via the same {instant download} format.


This is in many ways a self-paced course within the small community of fellow students.  There are multiple ways of getting connected, but the responsibility of your own completion of work and successful graduation of the program is ultimately your own responsibility.

Extra Supplies

A few additional items that will prove handy to have during the training include:

  • at least one balloon (or condom, if you have a latex allergy or prefer)
  • play doh, or other similar material such as flour and water
  • an egg (if you are an ethical vegan you can have the opportunity to creatively seek an alternative to this; one student used a bell pepper)
  • a ping pong ball
  • a camera to take photos to share with the class
  • two books of your choice from our reading list
  • a phone or other means of contacting resources in your community (starting in exam 4)
  • details for these items are outlined in class

2 Book Reviews & A Community Project

Please utilize and familiarize yourself with the sub-tabs of the doula training for your benefit, including our Student Checklist and Book Listing.

Besides successfully completing the 8 consecutive week training, please note that you also have two book reviews and a community assessment project, all of which have 6 months from the start of the class to be completed, as well as reading and signing our Principles of Service.  This is considered an outline of professional conduct.    As a registered student, it is considered by default that you have read and are in understanding of the Principles of Service just as any doula who lists their services with stillbirthday.

There are several times in the course of the 8 week training that you will be instructed to establish contact with various professionals and organizations within your community.  Success in these activities is gauged by your respectful communications and an expressed appreciation of the services they provide to families.  Introducing yourself as an aspiring Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula, curious and appreciative of their work sets a foundation for a great relationship with them as you begin to supplement their work with your comprehensive birth & bereavement services.

There are many ways to get supported if you find yourself struggling during the training.  You can contact Heidi Faith at any time by emailing Heidi.faith@stillbirthday.com with any questions, thoughts, feelings or concerns at any time, and you and I can work on getting the support you deserve.

You may also check out our FAQ as well as our benefits of SBD Credentialing for any clarification of what to expect of the training.

Nursing Contact Hours

If you are in need of nursing contact hours, you will follow the Nursing Contact Hours track in your training session.  At the end of your training, at the time you submit your Final Tasks, you’ll also submit your Training Evaluation.


It is not uncommon to take the training twice – the first time believing you’re learning as a professional, yet discovering that the material is speaking directly into your heart as an individual – and then a second time to apply the content in a new level so that you can serve professionally.  If you feel like you’re falling behind or feeling especially challenged emotionally, you are invited and encouraged to contact Heidi Faith directly.  We can work out a plan for your success.    There is a formal re-enrollment option at the main registration page.

Needing More Time & After Training

The training is intended to be a part of your life, not replace or supersede necessary parts of your life.

If you find that life events or other challenges present themselves and you need extended additional time to complete the training, once your certification is complete, it will be dated as the most recent graduated class, even if that was not the one you were in.  Postdating certificates isn’t a stillbirthday practice.  You can utilize the “Transition” module of the training for guidance in these things.

Finally, here is that helpful and simple checklist again, that you can use to keep track of what to expect in the training.


As an enrolled student, you may use this logo on your blog, website, or other social media page to announce your commitment to higher learning and deeper service to families.

Just click the logo to enlarge and save.


At This Point


Self Care

Because each weekly chapter is approximately 50-75 pages of reading material, it is a practical consideration to prepare now for the mental and perhaps emotional journey ahead.  What may be very difficult concepts for you will be explored in this training.  Consider now laying out strategic rewards for your diligence, endurance, and commitment to completing this journey.  A treat for yourself each weekend of the training is a fantastic stewardship of your own mental health.


Encryption accesses to Study Hall and to the Student Website are given in Admissions.  It’s a great place for you and I to get to know one another.

Study Hall

You will have access to your Study Hall for 6 months.  Within that time, it is highly recommended that you complete the materials weekly.  In this way, there are 8 weeks of chapters & corresponding exams, with 4 free months for you to review and seek the specific guidance you need.

Student Website

You can receive encryption access into the student website, either by joining Admissions, or by emailing Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com.


Your First SBD Birth

  • Panic can set in big and fast.  Doula at Birth was created just for you.
  • As a new SBD doula student, simply print our Documentation Package for Hospitals  and place in a folder within your doula bag.  That way you can easily present information about your role to the hospital care team – and, you can quickly find helpful links for yourself, right within the document.
  • Remember you can utilize the SBD University Student logo.  Perhaps print this so you can make a temporary name badge.
  • It is your responsibility to articulate in a very clear manner to members of the care team that you are not yet SBD credentialed.

Alright!  Let’s begin!

Please join us in Admissions if you are just beginning your journey.  Otherwise, I’ll see you over in your Study Hall!

Please return to our doula registration page for details to any of this information.

Student Narrative

Please Sign




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