Living Grief

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Whether your experience involves the NICU, surrogacy, fostering, adoption, divorce or birth trauma, if in any way your experience includes grieving your losses of a child who is still alive, we are honored to hold your story here at stillbirthday.  You are not alone.  I invite you, to share your story of what we call Living Grief – that is, grieving someone – or, aspects of your relationship with someone – who is still alive.  We also have a section of stories here  at stillbirthday called Stewarding Grief, a place to share about the difficult decision NOT to try to conceive.

Here is a list of helpful resources specific to the reality of NICU grief.

Our collection of resources and support for Child Death also speaks into numerous situations in which there is a combined parental role of both mourning and rearing children.


You can always simply share your story, and it will be added into the story places that it fits in best.


{   Please, visit our Child Death page of resources and support  }



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