Child Loss

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In addition to the “types of pregnancy loss” resources, information and support we offer here at stillbirthday, which includes support regarding neonatal death, we have quite often provided “unofficial” support to families who’ve endured child loss at older ages, from toddlerhood, teen and well into adult years. While some of the aspects of child loss can be universally incorporated, such as:

we provide a growing section here reserved for loss from toddlers to teens to adults. Your child might have been older than a child, but he or she is still, your child. You are invited to share your story, and we also have a place at stillbirthday to hold a photo of your child. And, you can read the stories of other stillbirthday families who endured child death.

The following sections and the resources within them have been gathered specifically and individually by families who have used them.  If you have a section and/or resources you’d like to see on this list so that they can benefit other families, please, let us know about them.

Areas of Need, of Support, of Resources


Stewarding Grief

  • We have a section of stories here at stillbirthday called Stewarding Grief, a place to share about the difficult decision NOT to try to conceive.

Grieving one child while rearing a living child


Prenatal Diagnosis


Birth Trauma


NICU & Long Term Special Needs/ Diagnosis





 According to Matthew 2, King Herod sent soldiers into Bethlehem to kill every boy who was two years of age and under, out of his fear and jealousy of the baby Jesus. And the text reads:

“A cry is heard in Ramah—sudc
deep anguish and bitter weeping.
Rachel weeps for her children,
refusing to be comforted—
for her children are gone.”


Foster & Adoption




Blended Families



 So Cain went out from the LORD’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden. Genesis 4:16

  Teens & Reckless Driving


Drunk Driving (by others)

 Traumatic |  Violence  |  Crime  |  Murder Crime Victim Resources




Medical Mistakes


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren   {Adult Child Death}

 1reedsofhopeReeds of Hope provides orphanage care to babies born in which their mothers die in childbirth.

-General Support Resources-

Books & Other Media



Spiritual Support



Social Support


Couple Support

International/Global Healthcare Assistance



Show Love
Share Your Story Share Your Story Become a Doula before during after


  1. jane parks says:

    what if your child died at 33 is that less pain than in infancy or teen years I doubt it because in three days it willbe a year for me and my husband seem to think that after that date i should be getting over it


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