List Your Services

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Here is a list of services that would benefit a bereaved family experiencing pregnancy or infant loss:

Doula Support : SBD student doula – are you registered for our Birth & Bereavement Doula training? If you haven’t yet taken our training, but are a birth doula from another organization and want your name listed/networked at stillbirthday, you can use this following information:

Photography : you agree that you will make mention of, refer to and collaborate with SBD Doulas or other listed doulas for the families you serve. 

Mentorship : Please see our article on the Mentorship Program, which includes how to be a Mentor.  This allows for bereaved moms and dads to have a one-on-one relationship with a newly bereaved parent of the same gender.

Speaker : Please review our speakers application.  If you’ll like to host an event (bring a speaker to you), please simply review and submit our Hosting information.


If you can provide these or any services, please click the link below:

List Your Services


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