Peace with Pregnancy

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While it may seem counterintuitive to address this here at stillbirthday, the reality is, that sometimes, learning that you are pregnant, can come with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, sadness, regret and dread.

We’re not talking about the decision of duration of life in utero here, but even prior to that.  The feeling of disphoria at pregnancy.

Taking time to address the fact that you have these feelings, and that they matter, is important.  You are worthy.

Here’s some resources:


Here’s some ideas:

  • believe that you are not alone.  Because, you’re not alone.
  • Journal.  Write your feelings and express yourself.
  • Platitudes that suggest you should be boutifully blissful simply are not true.
  • Just because you are not choosing elective abortion, doesn’t mean that answers the emotional journey.  Be gentle on yourself and reward yourself often.  Every day.  Hourly.  You’re doing this, and your path is unfolding before you.
  • Identifying honestly the challenges and the losses you’ve experienced by embracing this pregnancy will allow you to recognize your endurance and resilience.  We do have resources here at stillbirthday that, if you are creative and patient, truly can apply and be of value to you.  Consider our “subsequent pregnancy” section and the way we address the emotional complications of pregnancy.
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