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Getting connected is such an important part of our journey.

Here at stillbirthday, we recognize the value in the zeroes – the invisible pregnancies – the children who may not be included in our family tree but who are a part of our family, a part of our life, a part of us.

Our Mothers Workshops are such an important time of recognizing and validating these sacred circles.  Together, we engage in meaningful activities and discussion to bring support to our journey.  Below are some special things you can engage in with other mothers through our website.

Here are stillbirthday opportunities for you to get creative and share.

Join the SBD Family in more ways – including stillbirthday parties, mentorship, Love Cupboards, doula training, and more!



Photo Board

Do you like looking at pictures?

You can also see the collection of photos that are held at the stillbirthday boards by subject.  These can help inspire you to share yours, which you can do through our Sharing page:



Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]