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It is in that place a mother first learns that her baby is no longer alive, that she can be profoundly and irreversibly changed.

It is because that moment holds so much enormity, stillbirthday aches to enter into that sacred, impossible time.

If you have a heart to come alongside families giving birth in any trimester, stillbirthday wants to encourage you to do so.  Not one mother should endure pregnancy and infant loss unsupported, and, that mother just might be reached, through you.


We have a number of ways to support you, as you determine to support others.  Click below on the Scholarship Names to learn about our scholarship opportunities, or here to learn about our Church and Campus Doula program.  Our scholarships fill very quickly, so please also visit our student sponsorship page to learn about getting sponsored for the training.

If you are awarded an SBD scholarship, you may use the logo on your blog, website or other social media page in recognition of your scholarship award.

Just click the names of each of the scholarships to learn more.

About the Scholarship Application Review Process:

All applications are reviewed in October of each year and an email notification is issued to the recipients of each scholarship.  Rather than designate singly one scholarship recipient per session, the total annually (4 recipients of each scholarship) will be able to select the session within the following year which is the best match for that recipient.  If your application is chosen after you complete your own tuition, you can work with stillbirthday in establishing a special sponsorship in which your scholarship funds are used to apply to a new candidate.  A minimum of 4 recipients for each scholarship are selected; it is at the discretion of the Scholarship Application Evaluation Team to select more than 4 recipients of each scholarship per year.


Polly Perez Scholarship


Minority Scholarship


Bambi Chapman Scholarship


CarlyMarie Scholarship



Military Scholarship


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Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]